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About Us

Karavali Training Institute

was established in 2018 with a prime aim of providing career oriented Diploma and Certificate
courses to the budding and talented youth of this state/country especially from the villages by providing them with custom made courses at affordable fees in the field of Hospitality, Retail Stores Management and Fashion designing.
The promoters of the Institute are having years of varied experience in the field of Hospitality and Career counseling. Besides we conduct special lectures from Top management executives of star hotels and multinational companies.
We have a separate team working on placements for On Job training as well as fulltime jobs to ensure 100% placement of all our students. Our Goal is to ensure that our students are imparted with the best of Theoretical and practical knowledge of all and everything to do with Hospitality, Retail Stores Management and Fashion Designing, all Diplomas and Certificate courses have a mandatory Internship in star rated hotels and Retail Stores outlets across India.
We also put in a lot of effort and time in development of the Soft skills, Personality, grooming standards of all our students to give them an edge over the competition.
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  • Why the Hospitality
The Hospitality is considered one of the world's fastest growing,
creating a new job every 2.5 seconds. The rate of this growth is approximately 23 times more than the global economy. It has an annual worth of $3.4 trillion and is considered the number one employer, following the Government.